Being myself

A couple of years ago I was invited to a wedding. I wasn’t sure what to wear, I’ve never really been one for dressing up. The last wedding I’d been to I had decided to go for it and bought a dress. That dress was long gone, and I knew I’d probably never wear a dress or skirt ever again. In the event I wore a smart navy jacket with navy trousers and a white shirt, so it looked a bit like a suit I suppose. I was also wearing my flat navy suede cowboy boots - me and heels just don’t go! I think it was the first time I had got dressed up and really felt like me. When I was younger, I would feel intimidated or unfeminine compared to the girly women who were done up with beautiful dresses, their hair and make up perfect. I think I was the only woman at the wedding who wasn’t wearing a dress or skirt. I felt happy in my own skin, and it’s taken me years to get to this point. What was interesting, and also lovely, was that I had more compliments that day about how I looked than I had had i

My Story

photo copyright Sarah Pond 2019 I would never have imagined that I was going to turn my life upside down. I was 46 and had been happily married for 20 years. I really thought it was a forever relationship. Of course I wasn’t gay, it was just a phase, it would pass. I didn’t want to be gay, it meant changing everything I knew about my life. It wasn’t convenient. So what if I found women attractive, I was never going to act on it. I was happily married, and that was that. But.  Months down the line I told my husband I thought I was gay, and that we couldn’t stay together. Once we had talked, the enormity of it all hit me and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to leave him, and didn’t want to break the family up (our son was 16). Maybe I was bi, and we could stay married.  One day early on, I started writing a novel. I had had no intention of writing, but an idea dropped into my head, and I just couldn’t stop. It was a passionate story of a woman who falls for a slightly o

UK Southern Book Show 28 October 2018

It's not long now until the second UK Southern Book Show Sunday 28 October 10am-4pm Field Place, Worthing BN13 1NP  I'll be there with copies of my brand new book, The Woman in the Pyjamas I'll also have copies of Citrus Blossom and Hibiscus Come along and say hello! UK Southern Book Show website

Broadwater Carnival 21 July 2018

Local magazine Inside Broadwater, run by Liana Naylor, will have a table at the Broadwater Carnival on Saturday 21 July 2018 from 10am. You will have the opportunity to buy a copy of my books, and there will be other authors who were also featured in the magazine. I will be there from 10am-12pm approximately. Do come along and say hello! Thank you Liana for your support and the invitation.

UK Southern Book Show

UK Southern Book Show Sunday 4 March 2018 Worthing Pavilion I am going to be at the UK Southern Book Show on Sunday 4 March at the Pier Pavilion in Worthing. Come along to meet many local authors, and say hello! You can also buy a paperback of my novels Citrus Blossom and Hibiscus for the one day only price of £7 each. Yes, you read it correctly, £7! UK Southern Book Show

The Butterfly

Its wings are soft against the air. The flowers and trees, the birds and sky are all there to discover, but as the butterfly lifts gently towards the sky, something is stopping it, an invisible barrier. The window is partially opened and as the butterfly tries to move forward, still its wings stall against that invisibility. Once the window is opened fully, the butterfly is free, soaring up towards the cobalt blue sky, painted gently with soft white clouds. Feeling the air under its wings, the butterfly can now soar to wherever its wings will take it.

The Woman in the Pyjamas

I'm currently writing my third novel, The Woman in the Pyjamas. When she woke up that morning, she had no idea that today was going to be the day that would change her life. It was only looking back, that Daisy realised that the day she had locked herself out of her house, still wearing her pyjamas under her clothes, was the day that things had begun to change. After a life of routine, sensible clothes and with a marriage behind her, 40 year old Daisy knows it's time to start doing things differently. Her daughter is still her priority, but maybe she can start to let her hair down a bit... Daisy gets up to a few crazy things along the way. I sometimes get asked whether there's anything of me in my characters. Some of the things Daisy gets up to are autobiographical. Some things are exactly as they happened, with others exaggerated or completely made up. I'll leave it to the reader to decide which is which!