Life and magic

We've recently watched all the Harry Potter movies in succession - the early ones I hadn't seen for years and I really enjoyed seeing them in sequence and watching how the characters have developed over the years.

One of my favourite characters is Neville Longbottom.  As a child he's clumsy and not very confident, and he's very sweet and always does his best.  I really identified with him in many ways.  He wasn't one of the cool kids, and would probably have been the last to be picked for a sports team, but he's loyal and reliable.
I've loved watching his character grow over the years.  I get quite emotional watching him grow and become more courageous. At the end of Deathly Hallows he stands up to Voldemort - it's so powerful and moving...

What is really magical is not when there are lights and special effects, it is when we step into ourselves, when we are authentic, then there is true magic...

(Originally written Feb 2012)


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