We have the most beautiful tomatoes growing in our greenhouse.  Until last summer, I didn't like tomatoes raw, only in cooking.  Then last summer I realised that I actually really like them.  This summer, I've discovered that I absolutely adore them!  I will walk into our greenhouse, pick them and eat them straight from the vine - they are devine.  They are so sweet and beautiful, I can't believe that I never used to like them.  There is also a great satisfaction of picking and digging up home-grown fruit and vegetables - the flavour is somehow fuller.

While eating some tomatoes, I was musing about how we can think we don't like something, and end up loving it.  I like to be open to new experiences.  I will continually ask myself whether my belief about something is true for me now or am I just stuck in old thinking.  With the tomatoes, I didn't make an effort to start liking them, I am having a new-found enjoyment in discovering I was wrong about some things...

(Originally written Sept 2011)


  1. I know what you mean Sarah. I used to dislike mustard. However, my wife loved it. So I decided to keep trying until I liked it. Surprisingly (at the time) it did not take to long to drop the old belief. Thanks for sharing your story. It is often little things like this that can changer a person's understanding.


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