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My Story

photo copyright Sarah Pond 2019

I would never have imagined that I was going to turn my life upside down. I was 46 and had been happily married for 20 years. I really thought it was a forever relationship.
Of course I wasn’t gay, it was just a phase, it would pass. I didn’t want to be gay, it meant changing everything I knew about my life. It wasn’t convenient. So what if I found women attractive, I was never going to act on it. I was happily married, and that was that. But.  Months down the line I told my husband I thought I was gay, and that we couldn’t stay together. Once we had talked, the enormity of it all hit me and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to leave him, and didn’t want to break the family up (our son was 16). Maybe I was bi, and we could stay married. 
One day early on, I started writing a novel. I had had no intention of writing, but an idea dropped into my head, and I just couldn’t stop. It was a passionate story of a woman who falls for a slightly older gay woman complet…